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SSP031-2C monochrome double-layer paper Bopp film packaging machine introduction

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The SSP031-2C series automatic high-speed single-film (paper) packaging machine is a device that automatically loads the straw into the three-sided sealing pocket. The whole machine is composed of a driving motor, a transmission system, a film (paper) unwinding device, a printing device (paper printing), a straw device, an automatic sealing device, and a product conveying device.


1. Select 2 or 3 color printing devices.

2. With automatic product counting function, the number of products can be preset. Once the preset value is reached, the machine will issue an alarm.

3. Printing, feeding and packaging can be done in one process.

4. The length of the packaging straw can be adjusted within a certain range.

Technical Parameters

Straw length: 100-250mm (no printing) / 150-205mm (requires print length difference should be less than 50mm)

Packaging material: paper / BOOP film 3 face sealing width 25mm-30mm

Packing speed: 1.5Kw (3PH / 220V / 60HZ)

Body size: (L × W × H) 1900 × 1000 × 1600 mm

Body weight: 400 kg

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