PLM-60 Automatic paper lid forming machine


PLM-60 paper cover forming machine is our company's patented product. It is an ideal equipment for producing paper container lids such as paper bowl lids, instant noodles container lids, coffee cup lids, ice cream lids, etc.
The machine is easy to operate, has stable performance, occupies land less, and has high efficiency. It is the preferred equipment for fast-food packing industry. 
Our company accepts all kinds of customize paper lids for customers.

Technical parameters:
Model             PLM-60
Diameter of lid:  65-125mm
Height of lid:     15-20mm
Material:            260-400gsm(0.38-0.52mm)Single PE Coated paper
Paper thickness:     250-380gsm
Max speed        60Pcs/Min
Power               7KW
Voltage             380V/50HZ/3PH
Machine weight     3000kg
Air comsuption      0.4MPa0.12/m3/min
Packing size          2300x1700x1900mm
Normally, the speed is as described above. Actual speed is determined by paper cover size, material quality and specifications.

The equipment process is as follows:
Suction paper sheet→feeding paper sheet→cylinder sealing→paper lid tube into the mold→round paper sheet into the mold→spray glue→first Curling→second Curling→Paper lid forming and knurling→Collect lid.

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