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Problems with the straw packaging machine when it is applied

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When the straw packaging machine is started, the actual current of the motor will be more than 5 times higher than the rated value, which not only reduces the service life of the motor but also wastes a lot of electricity. A multi-tipped straw packaging machine should have a certain margin for the motor selection during design.

Under normal circumstances, the speed of the straw packaging machine motor is constant, but in the actual use process, in order to meet the production requirements need to run at a lower or higher speed, it is very necessary to carry out frequency conversion transformation. The frequency converter can realize the soft start of the motor, change the input voltage frequency of the equipment to meet the requirements of energy-saving speed regulation, and provide protection functions such as over-voltage, overload and over-current for the straw packaging machine. The shrinking machine of the straw packaging machine heats up slowly or cannot be raised to the specified temperature. The heater line is the main power line and then transmitted to the electric heating tube via a magnetic absorbing switch. Therefore, all the contacts of the magnetic absorbing switch should be checked for abnormality.

If the pipe of the straw packaging machine does not pass one of the phases, there will be problems such as slow heating. If the magnetic switch is normal, you can check the meter to see if the ohmic values ​​of the phases and the machine are the same. If there is no abnormality in each phase but there is still a problem with the line, then the heater of the straw packaging machine needs to be replaced to solve the problem. When the straw packaging machine encounters the film material deviation, it may be that the upper film material is offset from the material chain, and the direction of the upper triangular plate can be adjusted to make it biased clockwise. If the underlying film material deviates from the entrainment chain, it can be solved by counterclockwise adjustment.

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