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SPS-512 high speed paper pipe suction machine product introduction

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1. CNC servo cutting device, high precision cutting;

2. Automatic cutting, automatic drop tube, automatic speed change and recovery;

3. Computer PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface operation;

4. Round knife cutting, the slit is smoother and the performance is more stable;

5. Adopt online multi-blade, no need for secondary cutting, saving manpower and time.

Product specifications:

  • Number of rollers: 3ply
  • Straw diameter: 5-12mm
  • Straw thickness: 0.5-1mm
  • Core mold fixing method: flange chuck
  • Cutting control: servo synchronous multi-blade cutting
  • Cutting mode: 6 knives
  • Gluing method: single side
  • Winding speed: 30-45M/min
  • Voltage: 220V3P/6Hz
  • Air pressure: 0.6MPA
  • Motor power: 3KW
  • Machine size: 3000*1000*1450
  • Work space: 6000*6000 mm
  • Machine weight: 1200KG

High-speed paper straw manufacturing machines are widely used for small diameter (5-12 mm) paper straws, ball filling, yarn inner tubes, etc.

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