HSF-620 Automatic Slitting Machine(Automatic Load)


Technical parameter:

Model HSF-620
Max slitting speed 150m/min
Accuracy ±0.15mm
Correction accuracy ±0.15mm
Max material width 620mm
Min slitting width 10mm
Max slitting width 600mm
Max unwind diameter 1000mm
Max rewind
Total power 7.5kw
Voltage 380V50HZ
Machine Size 2.5*1.45*1.18m
Machine Weight 1250kg

Compent configuration:

Name QTY Model Remark
Main motor 1 Shanghai,China 5.5KW
Inverter 1 Schneider,French 5.5KW
EPC control 1 Wuxiqingkong,china  
Magnetic clutch 2 Ruian,china 2.5
Magnetic brake 1 Huaguang 5
Tension control 2 Zhongxing,China  
Meter count 1 Zhongxing,China  
Pneumatic spare part 1 china  
Air shaft 1 China  
Fans 1 Vortex 550W

Machine main part:
Unwinding EPC unit:

 Unwinding EPC frame

EPC control

Tension control

1.Unwinding shaft:φ74mm air shaft1pcs(useφ76mm paper tube )
2.Unwinding material:left/right adjustable
3.Unwinding  spindle connection: mechanical clutch completion
4.The unwinding tension is completed by a 5NM magnetic powder brake (1), and the unwinding roller is in the form of passive decoupling of the brake.
5.Unwinding adopt EPC:The synchronous motor is equipped with a ball screw (model: 90TDY4). Photoelectric correction
6. Max slitting width:620MM
7.Unwinding max diameter:φ1000mm
8. Automatic load
Traction unit:

1.The two-roller phase pressure drives the material to run, the driving roller is a steel roller, and the pressing roller is a rubber roller.
2.The pressure roller clutch mode is pneumatic
3.The traction roller rotated by a motor, and drives the cut knife and the rewinding shaft through the gear sprocket
4.Main motor power: 5.5KW
5.Inverter power: 5.5KW
Slitting unit:

1.The machine has 30sets Upper and down round knife
Rewinding Unit:

1.Double-station synchronous rewinding
2.Rewinding air shaft : Diameter 76mm
3.The rewind shaft has an independent motor that drives the magnetic powder clutch to rotate
4.Upper and down rewinding shaft is controlled by 25NM  clutch
5.The tension of the rewinding can be adjusted freely
6.Max rewinding diameter:φ600mm

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