HSR-650 Flexo Printing Machine


一、Basic configuration
1、Unwinding unit 1 set
1.Maximum unwinding diameter 830mm
2.3 inch air shaft can be replaced with 6 inch air shaft
3.Rewinding, unwinding tension control system, magnetic powder brake 1pc,automatic motor rewinding
4.Equipped with a fast inflatable gun

2、Automatic correction system 1 set
1.one set of paper combination table
2.Paper guide roller with high hardness anodizing
3.Ball screw electric actuator
4.Correction and transmission sensor is used to correct the deviation and transmit the sensor
5.The electronic paper web guide traction device can continuously and accurately correct the system when there is a slight offset during the movement of the paper web.
6.Closed loop control system
7.Detection method: edge detection
8.Correction accuracy: ±0.12mm

3、1 set of adjustable paper feeding system (double pressure roller)
1.Double pressure roller
2.Realize stepless adjustment of printing paper tension

4、Printing color 4 unit
1.The printing unit use a 45 degree DP13 helical gear structure.
2.Reserved image inspection station
3.Anolix roller, plate roller pneumatic clutch pressure
4.Ceramic anolix roller 4, (customer request)
5.Plate cylinder 8pcs (customer requirements)
6.Manual horizontal focus register 4 sets
7.Manual vertical focus register 4 sets
8.Single knife reverse squeegee system 4 sets
9.4 sets of stainless steel ink cartridges,
10.Quick change of plate cylinder without any tools
11.Anolix roller rotation function: The anolix roller will automatically run every time when the stops, preventing the ink from drying on the surface of the anolix roller, causing the network to block.
4 stick gear: cp1/8

5、1 set of drying system
Printing unit infrared heating drying, infrared tube 4 sets

6、1 set of paper output system
Double pressure roller

7、1 set of rewinding station
1.one set is used for rewinding after printing, with a 3-inch inflatable shaft,which can be replaced with a 6 inch air shaft.
2.Max rewinding diameter:800mm

8、1 set plate loader
1.Ordinary plate machine for plate loading to achieve multi-color overprinting
2.Can be used for quick replacement between products and products

9.1 Set tools

Technical parameter :

Model HSR-650
Printcolors 2-4 colors
Max unwinding diameter 830mm
Max rewinding diameter 800mm
Max paper width 650mm
Max printing width 630mm
Main motor power 3.5KW
Power supply 380V3PH50Hz
Slitting speed 70m/min
Print plate thickness 1.7mm
Over print accuracy ±0.12mm
Machine dimension 6500x1600x2300mm
Machine weight 5200kg

Electrical configuration list:

Name Supplier
Main motor inverter Schneider
Guiding system(EPC) Jingkong,china
Tension controler Zhongxing,china
Interme diaterelay Omron
breaker LG
Contactor Schneider
Switch Schneider
Pneumatic control and spare part Air TAC
Ceramic anilox roller China
Magnetic clutch Magnetic brake China
Meter counter Zhongxing,china
Main motor China
Rewinding motor China

Free spare part list:

NO Name Model QTY
1 Infrared tube   4pcs
2 Switch Green button 2pcs
3 Switch Black button 2pcs
4 AC Contactor   1pcs
5 Straight connector APU6 2pcs
6 Straight connector APU8 2pcs
7 Pressure regulating valve SR200-08(no meter、no frame) 1pcs
8 The electromagnetic valve 220V4V210-08-DC220V 1pcs
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